Pharmaceutical Companies Launch the Precision Cancer Consortium to Drive Global Access to Comprehensive Genomic Testing for all Patients with Cancer

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The Precision Cancer Consortium (PCC) is excited to announce its formation as a new collaboration of pharmaceutical companies with a shared vision of enabling access to comprehensive testing for all cancer patients globally.

The PCC will drive a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing patient access to precision diagnostics using comprehensive genomic testing, including next generation sequencing (NGS). The PCC’s founding members are Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Roche.
Despite significant treatment advances that target specific molecular alterations in cancer cells, many patients still do not undergo biomarker testing necessary to inform their treatment options.

Currently, stakeholders may not be aware of the benefits of comprehensive genomic testing or may not know how to translate results into appropriate patient care. In addition to limited use of precision diagnostics in routine cancer treatment, there are other challenges related to recruiting patients into research studies investigating targeted therapies in biomarker subgroups defined by genomic alterations.

“With cancer, the earlier patients are diagnosed and begin treatment, the better their outcomes tend to be. Precision diagnostics, including comprehensive genomic testing, are an important part of developing treatment plans that can help patients,” explains Espen Walker (Roche), Chair of the Precision Cancer Consortium. “The PCC is focused on addressing these barriers across the cancer ecosystem with the aim of improving outcomes for patients.”
PCC’s objective is to support efforts to improve patient access to comprehensive genomic testing in routine care and in clinical trials.
The PCC currently has two workstreams. The first workstream aims to remove barriers to access and increase educational awareness on the value of genomic testing for healthcare stakeholders – including patients, healthcare providers, and health care systems. The second workstream focuses on improving efficiencies in genomic biomarker testing in clinical trials. The PCC will not endorse or promote any diagnostic or therapeutic products or services.
The PCC is open and welcomes additional members.
The PCC invites pharmaceutical or biotechnology organizations engaging in or supporting the discovery, development, research of interventions and diagnostics related to precision oncology to join this important initiative. Membership inquiries can be directed to the PCC using the contact information below.
About the Precision Cancer Consortium (PCC)

The Precision Cancer Consortium is composed of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies focused on fostering collaboration on issues and opportunities related to precision oncology with the goal of improving patient outcomes by increasing cancer patient access to comprehensive genomic testing, including next generation sequencing, and addressing major gaps in precision diagnostics availability.

The inaugural members of the PCC are Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Roche. Inquiries regarding PCC membership can be submitted to the PCC’s Administrator at

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