PCC Workstreams are groups formed by and accountable to the Board of Directors to deliver specific work supporting the Consortium’s mission, vision, and objectives.

Workstreams are comprised of representatives from each member company with expertise and vested interest in the subject area.

Workstream 1

Education and awareness

Aims to mitigate barriers to access and increase educational awareness on the value of genomic testing for different stakeholders of the healthcare system including patients and healthcare providers.

Project 1A Value Framework: Develop and disseminate criteria to assess the benefit of comprehensive genomic testing assisting informed decision-making for personalised treatment plans.

Project 1B Ambassador Program: Develop a multi-stakeholder communication and engagement program to support the implementation of precision medicine in healthcare systems.

Workstream 2

Research and Development

Focuses on improving efficiencies in genomic testing in clinical trials.

Project 2 Clinical Matching Program: Develop analytical capabilities that utilise genomic testing results to identify optimal clinical trial options for each patient based on their genomic profile. The program aims to augment trial matching, reduce inefficiency, and avoid multiple screenings

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Our first educational session, Bringing Precision Oncology Closer to Community Care, was a resounding success. We have videos from the Keynote Speaker, panel discussion and breakouts here. 

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