Driving Global Access to Comprehensive Genomic Testing for all Patients with Cancer

2023, Year in Review

As part of the Precision Cancer Consortium (PCC) workstream on education and awareness our mission is to uncover the challenges faced by HCP’s who practice in community settings.

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The PCC aims to make precision oncology and comprehensive genomic testing the new normal.


The Precision Cancer Consortium (PCC) will foster collaboration to improve global patient access to comprehensive genomic testing in routine care and clinical trials.


A Collaboration to Address Challenges Associated with Precision Oncology

Challenges that are ecosystem related cannot be solved by one stakeholder of the healthcare system alone.  The PCC facilitates collaboration of pharma/biotech companies to address challenges regarding access, awareness, and research and development of comprehensive genomic testing for cancer patients globally.

PCC Strategic Objectives

  • Increase patient access to comprehensive genomic testing in routine clinical care and research and development
  • Increase awareness of comprehensive genomic testing benefits through stakeholder education and patient focused collaborations
  • Tackle precision oncology challenges and solutions in healthcare systems by increasing patient access to genomic testing

Current Activities:

PCC Workstreams are groups formed by and accountable to the Board of Directors to deliver specific work supporting the Consortium’s mission, vision, and objectives. Workstreams are comprised of representatives from each member company with expertise and vested interest in the subject area.

Recent Events:

Our first educational session, Bringing Precision Oncology Closer to Community Care, was a resounding success. We have videos from the Keynote Speaker, panel discussion and breakouts here.